Graffiti Removal Program

If you are a member of the Little Portugal BIA and have enrolled in our Graffiti Removal Program, call Goodbye Graffiti Toronto West at 647-748-4489 or email

In talking with several Municipal Licensing & Standards inspectors, we have learned that the best course of action, if your property receives a notice of violation, is to contact the issuing officer immediately and directly.

These officers have all told us that they appreciate very much receiving these calls and will usually be quite lenient and provide ample extensions if the notices are not ignored. Ask for an extension and explain the reasons for not fixing the tags if you have any, they can be very understanding if treated with civility.  Also, they will not negotiate with the BIA, only with property owners.

Graffiti Removal Service

We have signed onto a Graffiti Removal Program with Goodbye Graffiti, which began in November, 2014.

Properties that have signed on for this service will continue to be checked & maintained, now on a weekly basis. 

Please note that this only includes tags located up to 12 feet in height on the front of the property and for 15 feet along the side of each participating property. 

If you are on the North side of Dundas Street West, check this list to see if you are already on the participant list.

If you are on the South side of Dundas Street West, please check this list to see if you are already participating.


Please email or call 416-540-6750 if:

- Your property is located within our BIA (on Dundas St West between Shaw & Lisgar) and you want to participate, or

- You want to confirm if you are already registered to receive this service, or

 - You are a new property owner of a building that is already registered and you want to maintain this service. You must register your information with us.


If you are tagged outside the contract boundaries or if you have not signed on, it is your responsibility to remove the tags, at your own cost. Goodbye Graffiti is providing a discounted price of $69.00 for this service. Email and mention that you are located within the Little Portugal BIA