It’s a time of rebirth and renewal on Dundas Street West!  Building on previous projects that have successfully supported area beautification, safety and economic development, Dundas West and Little Portugal BIAs are joining to create one larger Business Improvement Area stretching from Shaw Street to the CNR tracks, just west of Lansdowne Avenue.


  • Together, we are stronger. We will have greater economic impact for our existing businesses as we compete with malls, big box outlets and online shopping.
  • A strong, distinct brand and image will help us to encourage residents and visitors to shop in our BIA and will attract new businesses.
  • As one BIA we can more effectively plan the annual Dundas West Fest.
  • By reducing duplication, one BIA will get a bigger bang for our BIA buck.
  • Working together will allow us to be more effective in
    • crime prevention
    • combating graffiti
    • advocating for our neighbourhood at city hall
    • creating cohesive area beautification and marketing
    • building a strong, healthy and safe community


March 26 - Open House / Community Consultation

  • Morning 7:30 am to 9 am - IC Savings -1168 Dundas Street West
  • Evening 6 pm to 7:30 pm - Lula Lounge - 1585 Dundas Street West  

Members joined Dundas West and Little Portugal BIA board members at one of our open houses and asked questions, gave feedback,  and contributed the vision for our new and improved BIA.  

May 7  - Public Meeting

7pm to 8:30 pm - 14 Division - 350 Dovercourt Road.

Results from the March 26 event were presented. Members voted on proceeding to the poll stage.

August 20 to October 18 - New BIA Poll

The City of Toronto is conducting a poll of all BIA members. The poll notice, ballots and related information have been sent to all property owners in both BIAs. Poll closes on October 18, 2018. 

The Little Portugal BIA would like to ask all commercial tenants in the BIA to vote.  Please follow the steps below to submit your ballots.
1) Download and print the following:
Generic Ballot ( Poll Code # BIA2018-141)
Declaration Form (you are only required to provide a copy of one of the documents listed)
2) Attach one of the Proof of Ownership or Tenancy documents listed in the Declaration. You must include a copy of a document showing the business name and business address (i.e. utility bill, business card, etc.).

3) Submit the completed Ballot and Declaration to the Clerk's Office via:
Mail or in person to:
         City Clerk's Office, Registry Services
         City Hall, Floor 1 West
         Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
Fax:   416-392-1260

You may also contact your BIA at 416-540-6750 / for assistance. Your BIA coordinator can not only assist you, but also mail your ballot for you. 

The poll notice, ballots and related information are also available on the ePolling page.

Poll closes on October 18, 2018. 
 Have your voice!

 Further information is also available on the City of Toronto's website: click here